People who think having a E-commerce website or store will increase online jewellery sales immediately is half truth.
Your Service, Convenience and creation of Brand Value digitally will result in Online Sales.

You remember it well how much time, efforts, hard work and money went into setting up your physical store and to reach where you stand today. E-commerce Store also will take time to generate real business but with much less time because now customers knows about your presence, goodwill and service. To generate traction and business surely you’ll have to put lots of efforts to understand & build the culture and mindset of serving customers digitally in your organisation. Today, Customers need Personalisation and service. E-commerce will enable you in real-time marketing and engagement as per your customers online behaviour.

Why E-Commerce Store?
E-Commerce Store is a marketing & Customer Engagement tool which is open 24x7x365 and provides customers with convenience of going through your product line virtually. By sharing product link through Whatsapp or social media, now you can connect with Existing & Potential customer not just in your surrounding but across the city, state & nations of your presence. It is a medium to manage marketing & Sales tools from a single dashboard, so you can be omnipresent (Online & Offline) for your customers.

Can we compete with Big Brands Digitally?
For Small & Medium Jewellers to be relevant, you don’t have to compete with big brands. Big Chain Stores have to spend big amount on Advertisement as their customer’s loyalty to brand is dependent on them being present and visible everywhere. Small to Medium Jewellers, already have direct connect with customers to build that trust and loyalty. You only have to add Convenience and Service to their experience to stay ahead of big brands. Setting up E-commerce Ready store & other tools will help you take that advantage.

So what is the hurdle?
The only hurdle for Small and Medium Jewellers MINDSET. The investment in technology is cost for many. The day they start seeing Return on Investment, they’ll realise their potential of becoming big. Even though the investment is far less than they think yet jewellers are averse to getting into anything which is out of their comfort zone, but they will have to soon realise Change is inevitable, like it or not. Adapt or ready to be perished. Today, You can create you ecommerce website for your Jewellery Brand in Just 10minutes

Going Digital will increase Sales?
No. Going digital will help you increase Sales. Confused? Jewellers need to go digital to provide convenience and services their customers are demanding. Being present digitally will bring unparalleled convenience to your customers. If you think your customers are not digital friendly, you are misleading yourself. Every customer, whether old or young, high income or low, labour or professional everyone is using smartphones. There are 122 Crore smartphones in India, so you can realise that its not about selling jewellery online but engaging your customers online wherever they are. Eventually it will results in sales either online or offline.

We are Small Jewellers, How do we empower ourselves?
Technology provides equality. What big brands can do, You can do too, only if you are willing to take that leap for you jewellery Business and create your presence in the minds of your customers through Smart Marketing. Select a proficient technology partner who has experience & exposure of Jewellery Business and Technology both very well. He will empower you in right sense so you can focus on business growth. A competent partner will design the solution for you in such a way that you can create, manage and connect your website, Facebook, google, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, twitter, Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Calls, Video Chats, Payments, Analytics and much more from a single dashboard. Focused efforts coupled with right technology support will result in acquiring new customer & generate Sales and gives you power to fulfil customer’s requirements any time.
Jewellers will have to remember, Big Brands are engaging customers by building brand, experience, convenience & personalisation to gain loyalty. This is the best time to regain and reinvent yourself for the next decade to face any evolution the market will face due to rapid changes in consumer behaviour and psychology.
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Karan Jagani is Director at Tanika Tech Jewels Pvt Ltd, Mumbai creating technology solutions to empower & enable jewellers towards Jewelry 4.0.