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A complete transformation for manufacturers and wholesalers. SupplierConnect Saves Time, Reduces Costs, Engages & enable Customers Instantly, Increases sales channels for faster stock turnaround, enables quick payments and expands net profitability of the business



Growth for modern day retailers is only possible when they can engage their customers at their convenience. RetailerConnect enhances your customer connect 100 times more on your fingertips and fulfill all their requirements. It can increase your profits 10 times and reduces your costs 1000 times

‘The T.I.M.S Model’
A Gateway for Jewellers towards overall Growth & Success


  • Enabler for Everything
  • Optimize Time & Money
  • Increase Productivity & Output
  • Add Convenience & Ease



  • Variety & Types
  • Possession & Virtual
  • Collaboration
  • Personalization



  • Sales & Retention
  • Automate Promotion 
  • Build Channels
  • Create New Markets



  • Markets for Reach
  • Customers for Engagement
  • Content for Communication
  • Products for Growth

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Why Tanika Tech ?

Quick Setup

For any Jeweller to make his presence online, it takes approx 2 to 6 months to conceptualize, identify the developer & to go live and also cost is high. Our solution empower Jewellers to go digital at a click, so they can focus on growing and serving their customers. Our next generation technology will make Jeweller’s life easier, secure and their business thriving.

Best Qualified Team

Our team is the best fit to understand bridge between Jewellery and Technology. The founders have 20+ years of rich experience in trading jewellery and tech based service development. We understand every big and small challenges Jewellers face today and have intensively researched for 4+ years to build solutions.

Help you to Grow Your Business

We just don’t Setup your E-commerce Store or Online Website, but we deliver a solution which amplifies and simplifies your day-to-day processes and help you in taking Customer Engagement which results in making sales online.