Helping Jewellers Grow, Risk-free

Automate your Marketing, Sales & Customer Engagement processes to optimize the growth for both, offline and online.

30 Minutes, one to one

Make your Jewellery Business Hassle-free

Simplify and manage business in ever changing market scenarios with ease, and at a click!

Eliminate Stock Risk

Increasing cost of stock and fast evolving customer expectations will continue to increase. Smart & Predictive Inventory management will help you excel against competition.

Nullify Workforce Risk

Need for Skilled & trustworthy team to manage changing market needs is difficult to fulfill. Our simple and automated platform enables 1 person to do 10 people work, completely error-free.

Repeal Operational Risk

Increasing pressure, confusion & reducing focus to manage productivity & output among digitization is challenging. We save your complete operational time, so you can focus on customers and result oriented actions.

Optimize Financial Risk

For jewellers, there are various reasons which can put enormous & sudden financial burden. But with technology & data intelligence we help you save & grow with Smart & informed decisions.

Build your website Sales Machine

Successfull online business needs more than a website, to build strong inbound and outbound sales channels.

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Save Time with Automation

Time is precious and if you can save it, you'll get all the time to improve customer experience & build a stronger brand against competition.

Instant Setup
360° Reach at a Click
Easy Inventory Management
Magic Pricing
Photography Simplified
Connect to Suppliers

All in one Sales & Marketing platform for Jewellery Manufacturers & Wholesalers

First ever, solution that will help you to aquire new customers without field work.

Grow Insightfully

Data may be the new oil, but knowing how to analyze and use it to grow organically is the power essential for business success in 21st century.

Track performance of your business at every levels

Always predict your stock requirements smartly

Manage & Engage your customers in real time

All your efforts and money, always on right track

Secured and Encrypted

Our dedicated team ensures security of data with 8 level encryption fully complied with international laws, amongst ever increasing cyber threats and bot attacks.

Reputed Cloud Server
Network Firewall
Brute Force Protection
2x3 Layered Authentication
Secured Socket Layer
Daily Protection Scans
Login Masking
Real-Time Alerts

Secured and Encrypted

Successfull online business needs more than a website, to build strong inbound and outbound sales channels.


Reputed Cloud Server

Your data is hosted in a secured droplets, with only layered access managed under logs.


Secured Socket Layer

A cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network.


Network Firewall

We daily monitor and control incoming & outgoing network traffic and update our security rules to keep it safe.


Daily Protection Scans

We conduct regular scans,  of suspicious activities and resolve issues in bulk on a daily basis.


Brute Force Protection

We manage unidentified attacks & access to Permanently ban IP's or trigger a timed lockout.


Login Masking

We secure your default login URL. Make it tougher for bots to find your login screen with unique identity.


2x3 Layered Authentication

Our 2FA protects the server system with both password and phone by 3 layered restricted access.


Real-Time Alerts

Our automated alert system notifies for all undefined behaviour in real-time to be managed by our team.

Do you already have a Basic, Static website ?

Transform it into a full featured E-commerce Store and digital platform for 10x growth.

30 Minutes with our Growth Expert

Digital Gold, a game changing opportunity

If you are not using it, you are loosing big time.

Entice a new set of Customers, who otherwise never enters your showroom.

Your customers will proudly say

Why Jewellers Choose us?

We are World's only JewelTech Platform, creating end-to-end value addition for your jewellery business

Customised for Jewellers

Everything your business needs in ever changing market scenario is on your fingertips.

Lowest Cost Globally

Guaranteed cost advantage and Return on Investment to your business.

Always updated & Secured

You never have to worry about technology. We Continously upgrade for free.

One Dashboard for your Business

You never need different people to manage different things. We have automated all for you.

Customer Love

Customer Love

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Tightly integrated with the business apps to ease your work

Keep Pushing Forward, We've Got Your Back.

Setup your digital business effortlessly

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Setup your complete digital business effortlessly

Customize to your Business

Your machine will perform 80% of your work

One click marketing

No expert skills required to sell digitally

Grow with Tanika

Our JewelTech platform helps jewellers go online, at a click, so you focus on customers and building your brand.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How your solution will help me in my jewellery business?
  • Our solution will help you in reaching and engaging more customers to increase sales. It also automates all your work, so a single person can manage everything from a mobile.

  • Can i use it before making a purchase?
  • Yes ofcourse, we give 14 days free trial. No advance, No card details and No commitment. You can start only if you are fully convinced.

  • I dont have a technical person to manage this daily. Still can i use it?
  • Absolutely, If you know how to use whatsapp than you can definitely use our solution at ease. Besides we provide training, videos and complete support to manage seamlessly.