Sales Redefined for Manufacturers & Wholesalers

A highly automated and advanced solution to engage, showcase & sell your jewellery to existing and new retailers.

Become your Retailers Growth Partner

Free Dashboard

Empower retailers to fullfill all their customer expectations & Become a Strong pillar to their Business 24x7

Design Bank

Enable retailers Free access to your stock so they can promote to their customers & help in faster stock turnaround

Boost Sales

Engage your retailers in real-time so they can sell your physical & Digital stock both via 15+ ways to their customers

Brand Growth

Enliven their Business to Grow in the New Age. Let them manage their purchase, sales, customer engagement & branding at a Click

No Hurdles, No Hassles to Grow your Business

Invite, Empower or Revoke

a Retailer, all at one click


Retailer engagement for growth

Continuous Upgrades

For best business performance, enhanced security & user experience

Secured & Scalable

Multi level data security. Scalable to empower your long term vision.

Mobile responsive

Product upload or create a catalog, manage everything on the go.

Complete Automation

For increase in productivity, Better RoI and Inventory control & turnaround.

Easy to use

Intuitive & user friendly, customized for faster & error-free product entry

Why SupplierConnect is the perfect growth solution for Jewellery Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Empower Retailer

Give retailers your design access to sell it to end customers thru their E-store, Catalog, Social Media and strengthen your alliance for growth.

Free website

Retailer gets free subdomain website for lifetime to view and promote your products to generate sales for both.

Multiple Sales Channels

Don't let your inventory lie idle, show it to multiple retailers, wholesalers at the same time thru catalog, social media.

Smart Catalog

Don't want to give permanent design access to retailers ? No worries, Send a time-bound catalog link, instead.

Connect with Tanika Network

Your chance to Connect with our network of retailers directly, without doing any leg work.

Controled access

You decide whom to give access of your inventory, designs, for how long and when to cancel.

Customer based pricing

Set different pricing for customers to achieve better growth & profit.

Revoke the access

Retailers are misusing your facility? Don't worry, just cancel their access with one click.


Track the journey of your products reach and optimize the merchandize mix to enable On- Time delivery and improve profits.

Create a smart, interactive & time-bound
catalog within 30 seconds

Multiple Image View
With or Without Price
Track the reach
Create Quickly, Share Easily
Sent as a link, Secures designs
Smart Filters
Quick Response Tab
Everything Is Documented

The Biggest Platform for your Growth

Enable your sales person to be a Growth Expert and let your product travel to find customers, on their own.

Customer Love

Customer Love

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Why should I join Tanika?
  • We help you to reach out to Jewellers to show them inventory, designs at their convenient time, and sell from the comfort of your office. You can market products anywhere with a very small team.

  • What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your platform?
  • Our platform is very unique in its offering, it not only allows you to show your products to customers & sell but it empowers the Jewellers by showing your product to their end customers thru multiple channels such as website, Catalog, or Social Media share and generate business for both.

  • Do Jewellers have to pay any fee to see my jewellery design?
  • No, they will get lifetime free access to see your products & order. As a bonus, they will get a free subdomain E-commerce store to promote your products.

  • I already have my website / App. Why should I use
  • Retailers will not check or download all of their suppliers’ apps individually, even if they, you need to keep pushing them to view your products to order.

    It’s called a push effect.

    Creating & maintaining a website is an expensive affair and needs to update regularly to keep offering value.

    On, jewellers will find  It easy to maintain all their suppliers and see their designs in one place. They can filter the required products among suppliers and order accordingly.

    Due to regular product updates from suppliers,  they will check it regularly, so the chances of you getting more business are higher. It is a pull effect and that makes a lot of difference.

  • Do I have to pay to try this product?
  • No, you can experience it for free. Add products, Share catalogInvite a retailer, etc When you find it useful to grow your jewellery business, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

  • I am a small-scale wholesaler, I don't have a big team to manage this?
  • The platform is also designed keeping in mind the manufacturer or wholesaler who has very limited resources, and can very well manage self and from a mobile.

  • Adding a product is time-consuming and very difficult task?
  • Over 70% of frequently used fields can be pre-filled here to make the product adding experience a super fast & fun.