Time & Money are the biggest challenges for the growth of any businesses. Hence to empower & enable jewelers in today’s competitive scenario we have established Jewelry 4.0 which will transform your business with the help of automation. It will enable you to work and earn 100 times more in less time and cost.

E-commerce Tools

E-commerce tools are not just for online sales, It’s powerful for Marketing, Promotion, Sales & Customer Engagement. It’s your 24/7/365 showroom for customers globally. As it’s said, a person doesn’t work at night and on holidays, but interest on your investment earns all the days. Exactly the same, your e-commerce tools work for your showroom & brand to engage your customers at their convenience.

Design Bank

Setting up your store is not enough, You need products (in your words Stock) to fulfil customer requirements. Adding your stock on your online store daily is tedious, time-consuming & costly as well. Our Design Bank enables you to select products from ‘000 of designs from suppliers, Add your own Stock & Invite your suppliers stock designs with just a click.  You will be able to fulfil all the requirements of your customers and will never be out of stock.

Digital Gold Plan

Savings Scheme is one of the biggest factors which helps jewelers to add convenience to their customers. With evolving customer preferences, Digital Gold allows jewellers to service their customers and confirm their present or future purchases at their will. It also becomes a strong factor to build that stickiness with the customers in purchasing jewellery.


Today Data is considered as the biggest resource, but hardly people know how to use it for the benefit for their businesses. Our tools will help you understand every minute data generated by you and your customers to help you in effective decision making.


We have made all the possible arrangements to secure your data through various tools and also by personally monitoring suspicious activities everyday. We are also working on tools which will give you access to manage & monitor your security.


Payments are one of the important factors which enable you to make a sale. We have integrated the solution and are also working to bring innovative financial products for you which can help you in business.

Marketing Tools

After Setting up your website and products, you need a salesperson, advertising & promotions for engaging & selling products to your customers. We will make you ready to reach to your customers through all available means of digital marketing which can work completely on your finger tips

Social Media Scheduler

Small to Medium size jewelers don’t have a team to manage all their operations, this helps them to plan their weekly engagement strategy with their customers by themselves with the help of technology. They don’t have to hire an expensive agency or a person to manage their social media, a smart system works for them.

TryON (Augmented Reality)

A tool to help customers try jewelry at their convenience anywhere from their mobile too. This helps in decision making, selection of required designs, engaging customers with the brand and building a wholesome customer experience. It also allows your team to manage, understand and fulfill customer requirements to create a personalized experience.