FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS is Empowering the Jewellers.

Our Affordable solution enable Jewellers to go Digital at a click, so they can focus on growing and serving their customers. 

We develop a Professional & Secured E-commerce Online Store for you and offers all the necessary tools, services and support which help you to grow your Jewellery business. It enables you to build brand and continuous engagement with your customers using every available marketing channels available.

All type of jeweller big and small who wants to organize and grow their business using the latest technology and marketing trends.  Some of the leading name of the country are using and benefiting from it.

Sure, we can share names of some of Jewellers who are using it. Kindly contact us.

Why Online Presence is Needed

To influence and attract the customers to your store website plays an important role. customers are spending good amount of time online to access information. If you don’t, others are changing customer decision-making by being present everywhere.

Online presence increases your reach across towns, states, and even across borders, removing all geographical limitations. Developing your online presence offers many benefits like getting more Enquiry and prospects, increase sales, enhance your professional brand, creating your presence in customers mind and improve your customer service.

There are various reasons for which customer buys online such as Convenience, Variety, Easy Product Search, Better prices, Price comparisons, time saving etc.
Apart from above, leading jewellers across the country offers them various services includes 100 % Hallmarked & Certified Jewellery, Transparent Pricing, Easy Exchange, Easy Return, money bank guarantee, Free Delivery, Multiple & Secured Payment options etc. Which makes their online buying experience great and secured, it feels like purchased from store.

Starting an online business can be a daunting task. Building an online website takes a lot of time, energy, effort, and money. We have solved your biggest problem by offering you a E-commerce & product ready website for your Jewellery business.
We are continuously improving our offering and creating new tools to make your life easy so you have more time to focus on business growth.

Website is not always for selling online., its powerful marketing tool. A well-designed and maintained website will help your customers to browse designs & get pricing details online and contact you at your store to see it personally and purchase it.  Your goal is to reach out to more and more existing and potential customers and make a sell online or offline.

Not necessary. Even if you think that either your customer or you are not prepared to do online transaction or handle one, an e-commerce ready website will help buyers discover your business. Shoppers are spending more time researching online than ever before.

By having your items listed online in an ecommerce system improves your chances of appearing in search engine results pages. That search could draw local buyers to your showroom or entice them to call. Website is always open, selling 24/7/365

Your Online Store is primarily developed to help you to  engage with your existing & potential customers by sharing product images across popular social platform smoothly and build an audience.  Active Sharing will strengthen the engagement and helps in developing communication with your target audience. Regular and active practice of this will surely results in sell.  

Establishing trust in an online context is both critical and time consuming. When customers shop at a store, they have multiple indicators of how trustworthy a business is, Individual clues might include professional signage, a friendly store owner, a clean storefront, products in stock, How old the store is and its reputation and seeing other customers browsing and making purchases etc. Trust comes before sales.

Shopping and ordering through a website is a vastly different experience.  Initially customers has many queries in his mind such as Feel and Touch, Quality Assurance, After sales service, Payment Security etc. Consequently, it’s up to you to quickly earn their trust and curb any skepticism.

Apart from building trust among customers, there are many things to focus on to build a successful online jewellery business such as Engaging Content (a powerful tool for connecting with new users), security, transparent pricing, easy exchange & Return policy, quick customer support and many other small things which builds and persuade the customers to try buying online.   It’s a continuous journey and you have  to adopt best practice and give memorable experience to shopper.

Fastest Deployment,  Best Qualified Team & Help you to Grow Your Business

Promoters of this company has vast experience in technology and Precious Jewellery business both.  They have expertise in both fields hence they know how to use technology to grow your Jewellery business in a cost effective way.

selling jewelry online is a different and unique process compared to selling other products online hence better understanding of both offers you a suitable solution which surely gives desired result. You can check Why Tanika Tech for more details


Product or its design is the first requirement to do the jewellery business offline or online. Creating design is a big cost for any jewellers. Hard work of months on concept, sketch, cad, masters, photography etc takes to create beautiful designs. Tanika Tech is doing this for you since many months with complete detailing and Break up. Its huge cost & time saving for you.

Yes. We are committed to support & do hand holding at every stage of your online journey and make it  fun & fruitful. 

We have a huge database of thousands of Jewellery designs  and keep adding new designs every week.  


We have different plans depend upon the services and budget, for more details kindly check

We are not just making a E-commerce website and handing over to you. We are continuously working to empower you with all required services which will helps you to focus on growth of your business.

The amount what we charge is not the price of the entire solution. It’s just the cost of server (storage, Bandwidth) and security. Website and Android app (depend upon the plan you have subscribed) are free.  Even if you do one time basic marketing, promotion thru Brochure / Pamphlets or small advertisement would cost a similar amount or more, but this will give you leverage to build new marketing channel for an entire year.

Our advance technology allows you to Create Your E-commerce store in just 10 minutes. Yes you read it correct.  Upon receiving Payment and other information we receive from you, it will be completed maximum in 24 working hours.

7 days from the website is live. 7 days period is for you to understand and explore the website and if any query / issues needs to be solved.

Your Company & Contact details, business policies such as Exchange, Return, After Sales Service and other information which you want to display. We will send you a  list of points which details are required.  Products will be uploaded / added by you.

Sure. We have 7 Days Free Trial where you Create your Free Online Store in just 10 Minutes.  Once your store is ready, explore it fully and if needed connect with our team for any query you have.   If you feel our solution can add value and help you in customer engagement and growing your business then you subscribe to it.

Product Upload

We are empowering you with a Secured E-commerce website. Its your online store which will be 100% under your control. You will upload your products hence what Precious Jewellery products you want to promote on your site is your decision.

If you want product design support, you can access the designs from our designs also.

Yes Of course. You can create required Jewellery categories such as Gold jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Gemstone Jewellery, Gold / Silver Coins etc and upload Ready Stock or Design with necessary details.  

You can upload the product images with required information even though you don’t have stock.  As you receive the order, you can manufacturer or order further to process it and then deliver it.

If you have ready stock pcs, you can write the available quantity for sale.  System will update your stock position on movement.

Well, depend upon the plan you have subscribed.   You can upgrade the plan if you exhaust the product upload limit. Check here Subscription Plan Pricing 

Yes, depend upon the plan you have subscribed. If there is a limit on numbers of product to upload, You can always upgrade them and explore the full potential of the website.

Its a very simple, one click process.  We will provide you online training for the same when you subscribe to our service.

Not to worry.  You can always buy our Add on Product Plan to add more products. Kindly can Email us at

Our system do auto price calculation of  every product on your website. so you have to change master rates of Gold, Platinum or Silver whichever is applicable to you

No, Depend upon the Gold, Diamond, Gemstone, Labour rate you have entered in your admin section, price of any products will be calculated automatically.

No, you will have to do the same and upload it.

Its advisable that initially you explore the website yourself with available resources and depend upon the skill required and workload,  you can hire.  However we are in continuous process to create tools which can save your time, money and so you focus on growing your business.

Product Buying From Tanika Tech Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

Absolutely NO.  you have subscribe this platform to grow your business  and not for sourcing the Jewellery.  You are free to purchase from us or manufacture yourself or  from any manufacturer / supplier of your choice. 

Only to support and extend our services, we can offer Jewellery Products,  in case if you requires them

Not Necessary. Its offered for your service and help only. You are free to source from wherever you want.

If you require to purchase from us, you can contact us. 

Online Payment Solution

Yes. We have partnered with  Payment Gateways.

We have tied up with payment gateways to offer this service.  We will integrate their API with your website.  There will be an agreement directly between your firm and service provider. Payment will be credited to your bank account directly. We are no way involved in transaction or money handling on your behalf. Its direct transaction between both of you. Hence We don’t take any responsibility for the pay to you. 

With growing online community , payment gateway companies are taking all care & precautions to make every transaction safe and secure.  Kindly understand in whole from service provider before entering into a contract with them.  It’s also  important that user should not share or reveal OTP, password, CVV and other confidential details to anybody.  

Payment accepted through online mode will be credited to your account as per the terms & conditions agreed between you & payment gateway company.  We have no role to play in this. No payment is routed through us.

Social Media Marketing

Popular Social Media icons or Share button displayed in front of product for easy sharing

No,  that you will have to do it. However We are constantly working to equip you with necessary tools which will help you to manage social media smoothly and effectively.

You can subscribe to our Growth plan which has Auto Social Scheduler which allows to schedule all your post at one go and post them as per the date and time selected.  This saves your lots off time.

Data Security

All data are stored on secured servers. We don’t  share / sell data for any marketing or promotional to  third party.