The things we say are not just words, but it’s our commitment towards taking your jewellery business to new heights by building a stronger base for you.

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We guarantee you to save up to 6 months of your time in Understanding, Conceptualizing, Developing and Managing your E-commerce Store. You’ll also realize that just having a website is like an empty shop. You need many resource which can enable you to engage your customers to provide right products, service and convenience. We will ensure your time only invested in customer engagement and rest we will manage. You let us know what is taking your time and we’ll work on automating the process for you.



Technology is a costly affair, you will have to spend lacs if you want the  right solution which grows your business and not just build digital visibility. We are making a common technology for jewellers which you can personalise & customise as per your needs. The cost is shared by many jewellers so we can provide you advanced core technology at a cost which gives you minimum 5x returns on your investment.



Digital Security is the most critical challenge which every company is going to face in the immediate future, one of the reasons every business is vulnerable with online security is due to its cost of managing threats in real-time. We are implementing all the security measures required for a digital platform. But there is a huge scope of further safeguarding our businesses with a security technology which will prevent us with any big and small hacking attacks. We promise you our team is striving to find glitches everyday and with each jeweller comes on board a portion of the amount goes only to upgrade our security.



The world is changing faster than ever, Every business is dynamic in nature. You have to adapt to changes faster, imbibe macro and micro factors which affect our business. There are many new things you will have to learn and implement simultaneously. We’ll always keep you ready with all the changes that happening or going to come in technology in our industry globally.



When you start your digital journey, you will realize that you don’t have resources to do many things. We will mitigate any barriers in your growth by empowering you with all the resources you’ll need with the help of technology to build your successful business.



No single Service Provider can completely build all the Products & Services you required for your business. We at Tanika tech committed to become a single point solution provider for you to grow hassle free by partnering with all the best companies which can add value and help you scale your business seamlessly.



No company can survive & grow without constant services to its customers, employees and suppliers. We will always have scope to improve, but one thing we can assure, we’ll always try to give 100% and never give-up in the growth of your business.

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People are the most important factor in the success of any business.  With changing business scenarios, you can’t have people with all the skills in your team. We will always stand with you as a team to enable you with things which helps you grow your business.



Money Saved is Money Earned! This is the last thing you will expect from us. We are committed to make Big Savings for you in your overall business, so you get leverage to make use of your savings to take your business to new heights.